HSK Standard Courses are designed for beginners who would like to learn Chinese language systematically and also have the desire to attend HSK test Level 1 to 3 albums download for free without registration. We use the textbook series HSK Standard Course, which highly match the HSK tests from the content and form to the levels. The courses focus on training students’ integrated language ability including listening, speaking, reading and writing skills repo downloaden. The essential ideas of the communicative approach and task-based language teaching will be used in the courses.

  Evening Class Weekend Class
Time 6:30~8:30 p.m. Every Wednesday 10:00~12:00 Every Saturday
Tuition Fee 310Euro (36 hours) 270Tuition +50 enrolment 310Euro (36 hours) 270 Tuition +50 enrolment
Venue Prinses Irenestraat 25, 1077 WM Amsterdam
size 6~12 Students